Client Installation

Install using the install script

As with upstream packages, you can use the install script method described in upstream documentation. Simply substitute the URL with

For example, to install the latest 17.x of Cinc Client on a supported UNIX/Linux/MacOS platform:

curl -L | sudo bash -s -- -v 17

For Windows:

. { iwr -useb } | iex; install -version 17

Install using bundler

We publish gem packages to To use it as a source in bundler:

source "" do
  gem "chef-bin"

Plain rubygems install:

gem install chef-bin --clear-sources -s -s

Install from plain packages

Packages are on our download site. We have packages available for all default package managers for platforms we support.


Cinc Auditor is of course included in the Cinc Workstation


Cinc Client gets it configuration from /etc/cinc/client.rb on UNIX/Linux/MacOS and c:\cinc\client.rb on Windows.

Users migrating from Chef will probably want to retain most of their configuration. All Cinc configurations are compatible with their Chef counterparts so you can simply use a symlink or copy the contents as-is.


cinc-client and associated tools are fully compatible with chef-client. We even include a wrapper for chef-client to redirect it to cinc-client when called. This should facilitate compatibility with your own automation.

All upstream documentation remains valid, and so are the classes provided by Chef Software Inc.

About Windows

Due to the way bootstrap works on Windows, knife bootstrap must be called with --msi_url <direct url to MSI> in order to correctly bootstrap a Windows node to Cinc Client. You’ll unfortunately need to locate the correct MSI for your Cinc version by navigating

We’re looking into solutions that provide a similar user experience for Windows users and users of unix-like systems.

You’re Good to Go :)

If you have questions, join us in the #community-distros channel on Chef’s community slack.

If you’ve located a Chef Software trademark in a end-user facing output or bugs that are specific to Cinc or 3rd party distributions in general please open an issue on gitlab.